ENFRASCO Technology & Human Capital

Information Technology

ENFRASCO Limited in Partnership with L&T Technology Services, provides Information Management Services to its vast customers.

  • Asset Management Services help manufacturers in the process industry meet the key performance indicators and profitability goals while effectively managing assets including devices, systems and information in the process plant.
  • L&T Technology Services’ Asset Management Services provides scalable asset optimization solutions helping you enhance the performance of the entire plant facilities. With experience across various industries, we help in optimizing engineering assets through a consultative approach while providing operational excellence.
  • L&T Technology Services’ believes right information standards, strategies, architectures, applications and governance can drive the effectiveness of IT, the ability to collaborate, the ability to launch a successful operation and to realize the true value of asset. L&T Technology Services’ supports O&G client’s vision on Engineering Information Management through their service offerings.
  • L&T Technology Services’ has the requisite expertise to partner Client as an extended arm by utilizing the emerging tools, standards and technologies and incorporating best practices to realize Client vision of Information Management.
  • Major Oil and gas companies have leveraged Asset Management Services (AMS) from L&T Technology Services’. L&T Technology Services’ has a track record on implementing AMS Program for Major Capital Projects across the globe. Customized requirements from clients has forced L&T Technology Services’ to integrate our IM-IT capabilities, AMS has delivered client specific solutions with true value on information.
  • L&T Technology Services currently provides SHELL with Information Management Services at the Global level. The scope of work is Smart Plant tools implementation, Data control, Document control, Capital Projects Library, Engineering Tool and Data Warehouse, Share Point services, GSAP & RCM Services, Permit Vision, As-building