Local Content Philosophy

ENFRASCO believes in in-country value addition to the economy through deliberate utilisation of indigenous human and material resources in all phases of its operation while complying with global best practices in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Standards (QHSES).

The promoters and Directors of ENFRASCO have outstanding credentials in the promotion of Local Content and assisting major international operators to meet Local Content requirements. For example, the Chairman/CEO – Chukwuma Henry Okolo pioneered the development of Nigerian Content in the Fabrication Sector and has served as Chairman of the Nigerian Content Consultative Forum (NCCF) – Fabrication Group since 2005.

ENFRASCO’s commitment to Local Content involves the creation of in-country facilities/infrastructure and accelerating the development of indigenous manpower.

International operators wishing to meet Nigerian Content requirements under the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act 2010 and any new regulation, and indeed Local Content requirements in the Gulf of Guinea should please contact us.