ENFRASCO Won a 3 Year Contract for QA/QC Support Valve Maintenance Project

We announce that ENFRASCO won a 3 year contract for QA/QC Support for Valve Maintenance for NLNG Shutdown. Execution of this project started in September 2017 and shall be ongoing till 2019.

Train 3 Shutdown

Shutdown for Train 3 was concluded in September 2017. Four (4) QA/QC Engineers and Two (2) Offsite Nigerians were engaged at the shutdown. A Total of 32 Valves were inspected.

Activities carried out for the Train 3 shutdown:

  1. Confirmation of correct orientation of the actuator and accessories with respect to valve body
  2. Verification of the actuator orientation with respect to valve body marking before disassembling actuator from valve body
  3. Verification of Butterfly Valve disc is between fully closed and its normal position before isolation of air connection to actuator
  4. Confirmation of tightness of boiling on bracket, positioning of feedback linkage, accessories and tube fittings etc.
  5. Confirmation of pneumatic and electrical connections is provided with plugs, flanges and fitted with protective covers

Documents provided for the Train 3 shutdown:

  1. Valve check list
  2. Workshop repair planning document
  3. Inspection and test plan for each valve
  4. Field service report
  5. Valve test certificates
  6. Daily report


Train 4 Shutdown

Shutdown for Train 4 concluded in December 2017. During this period, Four (4) QA/QC Specialist and Two (2) Offsite Nigerian engineers were engaged at the shutdown. A Total of 75 Valves were inspected.

The activities carried out and documents provided are the same procedures as listed in train 3 above.

Train 5 Shutdown

Shutdown for Train 5 is expected to commence in May 2018. ENFRASCO Limited will deploy her QA/QC Specialist’ and Nigerian Engineers to execute the job.

Project Highlights

We are pleased that during 2017 we had the opportunity to provide specific services to Nigeria LNG particularly the provision of QA/QC engineers for Turnaround Maintenance and Supply Chain Solutions particularly as it relates to Valves.

Within the short period, we have built up substantial insight into meeting the requirement of Nigerian LNG Limited. Our QA/QC Specialist and Nigerian Engineers in partnership with various OEM Valve brands inspected and worked on the valves.

Below is the list of the various valve OEMs that were involved in Train 3 and 4 shutdown.